We cover the entire EYFS, KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum for music. We want all our children to experience the learning of the whole curriculum, with creativity, enquiry, practical learning, cross-curricular links and application informing our delivery of these learning opportunities; we teach music appreciation, composition and performance. SO that our children, “learn not for school, but for life.” 


Cross-curricular planning on a half-term basis. Subject Leader monitors, supports, challenges and assesses through Leadership time. Music has dedicated time each term. Regular Use of external teaching specialists and visits/ visitors; TVMS provides KS1 Signing and Musical Teaching, Year 3/4 drumming, Year 5/6 Ukulele; individual guitar tuition. External providers; Musical Play Performers, Snake Davis. Regular use of learning opportunities in local area; inter-school performances with TVMS “snappy” music events. Work is planned through rigorous focus on AFL and Next Steps in planning; work if therefore planned and implemented to the needs of the children in long, medium, and short term. Half-termly assessment of Music. Transition planning/sharing time for Music SENDco and SLT monitor, support and challenge the inclusion and success for all groups and individuals. School Choir and Recorder Club. 


Vast majority of children meet end of year predictions in all areas. All children in all year groups experience music performance. Our end of Year Talent Show showcases musical talent which the children have developed themselves from these experiences. 

Long Term Plans

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