The Team

The Local Authority Designated Officer for Safeguarding is Yvonne Priestly, who can be contacted on 01642 771776 reguarding any Safeguarding concerns.

Follow this link to some really SMART advice on how to keep your children safe when they are on-line: Click Here

Safeguarding Staff & School Office

Mr P Maudsley Head Teacher & SENDco
Mrs Marshall
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Greer Senior Teacher
Mrs A Hughes Office Manager
Mrs M Allen Admin Assistant


Teaching Staff

Mrs S Greer
Mrs C Ing
Mr J Nelson
Mrs Marshall
Mrs R Gowland
Mrs S Clayton
Miss C Green
Miss Kent
Mr Hart


Teaching Assistants

Mrs G Allison
Mrs H Scrafton
Mrs E Wilson 
Mrs L Thompson 
Mrs R Nixon
Mrs E Hails
Miss C Jones
Mrs K Loram
Miss R Burt
Mr J Cozens


Site Team

Mr D Rowcroft Site Manager
Miss C Griggs
Cleaning Staff
Mrs J Barker
Cleaning Staff
Ms M Seaton
Cleaning Staff


Kitchen Team

N Todd Head Cook
C Thompson Assistant Cook
C Griggs Assistant Cook