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January 30, 2017

Religious Education at

Coatham CE Primary School


At Coatham CE Primary we follow theRedcarand Cleveland Agreed Syllabus which allows us to teach a variety of topics based upon Christianity and other world faiths, such as Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. Each class poses a question at the start of the half term which will be answered through a range of different teaching techniques. We love to visit different places of worship and welcome visitors into our school too.


As a church school we also follow the Christian Calendar. At times of celebrations we share our own experiences with each other as well as planning and sharing special services within school and at Christ Church Coatham.

Each half term we also develop our thinking and spirituality as a whole school through a Christian Theme linked to our curriculum topic wherever possible.

Archbishop’s award

Throughout the academic year (2015/16), Y5 have been engaged in a variety of community-centred projects as part of their Archbishop’s Award. After meeting the Archbishop of York at the beginning of the year, the class worked together to identify areas of need within their local community, and addressed these needs with action. For example, following a winter storm in December, the class worked closely with Friends of Locke Park to replace several trees that were felled in the high winds. They have worked in partnership with Tees Valley Wildlife to sow wildflower meadows in Coatham Green to address the issue of declining bee populations, and have fund raised to improve the teaching of computing throughout the school. They have also sought to develop closer links with local residential homes for the elderly, and have developed partnerships with younger year groups to help KS1 pupils in their reading. The Archbishop’s Award has allowed the children to develop their awareness of local issues, and has afforded them the opportunity to engage with their community in a more productive and socially responsible way.

The Year 5 class of 2014/15 completed the Archbishop’s Award, Summer 2015.

They made a change in our school community by improving the nature garden and visiting our neighbours at Coatham Lodge.

Visit the Archie B Website to find out more!

Collective Worship

Collective worship follows the teaching of the Church of England as appropriate. A broad approach is taken, in keeping with the inclusive character of the Anglican Church, with the focus on Christian Values, citizenship and themes linked to developing social and emotional issues.

Each half term we focus on a Christian Value which links to our Curriculum theme. Collective worship is then focused around the chosen Christian Value.



Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2


Christian Theme Generosity Compassion Courage Forgiveness Friendship Respect

Other Christian Values we focus on include Creativity, Trust, Justice, Thankfulness, Compassion/Love, Truthfulness, Respect and Reverence, Perseverance and Responsibility.


Timetable of Collective Worship


Whole school collective worship


Collective Worship in Classroom


Collective Worship in Classroom


Collective Worship in Classroom


Key Stage celebration

Parents have the right to withdraw children from Collective Worship, though Governors feel that pupils so excluded would miss a lot of the corporate life of the school. If however, you wish to exercise this right, then you are asked to let the Head Teacher know by arranging a meeting.


Summer 2 2016 Christian Value – Respect

A Christian perspective on Respect – The nature of God, as revealed in the Bible, presents all people with a choice. Those whose response is one of respect are acknowledging God’s greatness, authority and involvement in the world. This will extend to respect for the created order, including humanity made in the image of God.

Values for Life – Jumping Fish


Summer 1 2016 Christian Value – Friendship

A Christian perspective on Friendship – Christians believe they can call God their friend because of the relationship made possible through Jesus.

Values for Life – Jumping Fish


Summer 1 2016 Christian Value Winners – Friendship

Nursery – Owen for including others and Jessica for a caring attitude towards others.

Reception – Meredith for being friends with everyone.

Year 1 –  Laila for making people smile.

Year 2 – Ellie-Mae for really embracing our friendship playground challenge.

Year 3B – Jacob for caring for others and the welfare of his peers.

Year 3C – AJ for always being a friendly person.

Year 4  – Hannah for showing true friendship towards others.

Year 5 – Lily for helping a friend in need.

Year 6 – Saffron for being a peacemaker and a good friend to all.


Spring 2 2016 Christian Value – Forgiveness

A Christian perspective on Forgiveness – this is the means by which damaged relationships are restored. It is an act of will, motivated by love. For Christians, Jesus’ death on a cross is the ultimate revelation of God’s all forgiving love, and his sacrifice stands as a source of inspiration to forgive others, no matter what the cost.

Values for Life – Jumping Fish

Spring 2 2016 Christian Value Winners – Forgiveness

Nursery – Mason for coping well and not reacting physically or verbally when other children don’t share or take turns.


Reception –           Charlotte for always forgiving and forgetting.

Year 1 – Nicole for being a peacemaker in our class.

Year 2 – Isobel as she always forgives anybody who has done something wrong.

Year 3B –Leah for having excellent attitudes towards overlooking children’s negative action and willing to forgive their mistakes.

Year 3C – Isabelle for always being a good friend and forgiving others.

Year 4  –Brandon for being the first person to say sorry and accept apologies with good grace.

Year 5 – Lily for helping a friend in need and never holding a grudge when that friend has been difficult to be around.

Year 6 – Maisey for having a forgiving nature and forgiving teachers mistakes!!


Spring 1 2016 Christian Value – Courage

A Christian perspective on Courage – Basic to Christian faith is the claim that God is always present in every situation. This belief has led to great acts of courage that have included facing danger and opposition, overcoming fear, making a stand for what is right and encouraging others to persevere. Through prayer people have found the strength to help they be courageous.

Values for Life – Jumping Fish


Spring 1 2016 Christian Value Winners – Courage

Nursery – Katie for settling into Nursery and separating from Mum and Dad without tears.

Reception –  Elsa for facing challenges with courage.

Year 1 – Holly for bravely answering questions and having a go!

Year 2 – Katie for starting at a new school and showing lots of courage.

Year 3B – Imogen for showing courage to ask questions and trying new things.

Year 3C – Joshua for having courage to persevere with all of his school work.

Year 4  – Lizzie for showing courage to tackle new experiences.

Year 5 – Benji for overcoming his fear and anxiety about learning to ride his bike and gaining Bike-ability Level 1.

Year 6 –Aaliyah for persevering with her school work and making brilliant progress during a difficult time.

Autumn 2 2015 Christian Value Winners – Compassion

Reception –  Ahmed – for giving up his seat during a game of Musical chairs because another child was upset.

Year 1 – Rocco –     sensitively working with other children to help with their work.

Year 2 – Isobel – For always showing compassion to class members. Also great donations for show boxes.

Year 3 – Emma – for compassion and understanding towards others.

Year 4  –Brandon– For always helping other people.

Year 5 – Caitlyn –   Always listening to others when they are upset.

Year 6 – Maisey – Understanding other people’s feelings.

Autumn 1 2015 Christian Value Winners – Generosity


Reception –  Annie –        for having a generous heart. Sharing her time and love to all.

Year 1 –Leon-       generous with sharing time and organizing classroom for net session.

Year 2 – Leen  –     for sharing Eid gifts with the whole class.

Year 3 OC– Tyler – generous with time (Collective Worship Team)


Year 3 IB – Imogen S – generous with time and helping other children in fire practice

Year 4  – CJ –        generous with time for other children

Year 5 – Niya –      For giving up her own lunch times to cover her partners job when he was off ill.

Year 6 – Lennon –   generous with time – helping at Thursday night football and Assemblies.


Holy Trinity Display

In the Summer 2015 Children undertook work with Rev Rebecca Haughty about the Holy Trinity.


Activities including thinking about water in 3 states and relating to God being 3 different forms: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Year 6 children designed their own symbols for the Holy Trinity, Key Stage 2 plated and Key Stage 1 made Holy Trinity models from paper or lolly pop sticks. Rev. Rebecca also brought along stripy toothpaste!

Prayers written by our pupils

Prayer for Nature and Life

Dear God

Nature and life are your most generous gifts,

They keep us happy and they keep us healthy,

And all of them make a long list,

But when a problem becomes a crisis,

That is when hope matters most.

Food, warmth and life,

We pray, and we pay again for,

Everything, nasty or nice,

When the colds creeping in and the food disappears,

We then know the meaning of hope.

When Sea Lions are beached,

And plants get all dry,

Those who didn’t hope will want to cry and then die,

For the air will be toxic,

And your fire is our only light,

So please help those people and set them right,…

Help us hope,

Help us live,

Because now we are all hoping for justice,

Now we’re hoping for peace,

Now we’re hoping for your light to let nature live.


Written by Amelie Weatherill – Year 5

Summer 1 2015 Wisdom Display

A Christian Perspective on Wisdom – Christians believe that true wisdom comes from God. As a believer grows in faith so wisdom will increase. In the Bible wisdom is seen both as a gift from God and a characteristic of God. In his parables Jesus taught that placing trust in God and recognizing what is of value in life brings fulfillment. (Extract from Values for Life – Teaching Values Toolbox)

Children and friends of the school have been sharing ‘Words of Wisdom’ on the Tree of Life in the school hall.



Autumn 1 2015 Generosity Tree

A Christian Perspective on Generosity – God’s generosity is best described as ‘grace’, love given freely without limit or conditions. This generosity, once experienced and acknowledged by an individual, can turn release a generous spirit towards others. (Extract from Values for Life – Teaching Values Toolbox)


Children and friends of the school have been sharing ‘Generous Acts’ on the Generosity Tree in the school hall.


School prayers

Within school we share our school prayers each day either in class Collective Worship or Whole School Collective Worship. Key Stage 1 and 2 also share the Lord’s Prayer in Collective Worship.

Foundation Stage

Dear God

The room is almost tidy

The toys are put away

We take a quiet moment

To thank God for the day.


KS1 and KS2 Prayer

Dear God,

This is our school,

Let peace live here

Let the rooms be full of happiness.

Let love be all around.

Love of one another and love of all people and love of life and living

Let us remember that as many hands build a house

So many hearts make our school.



The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father in heaven,

hallowed be your name,

your kingdom come,

your will be done,

on earth as in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.

Forgive us our sins

as we forgive those who sin against us.

Lead us not into temptation

but deliver us from evil.

For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours

now and for ever.  Amen.

Collective Worship – 2015/16 Christian Calendar


Christian celebrations are very important to us at Coatham CE Primary School. Each celebration a class plan and prepare a service which takes place at Christ Church Coatham. Rev Rebecca Haughty has supported the classes and taken part in the Services this academic year.


Harvest – Led by Year 3 and Rev. Rebecca Haughty inChristChurch


Advent – Collective Worship Team and Mr Maudsley


Nativity – Year 1 and 2


Carols around the tree and Christingle – In school


Christmas Service – Year 4 and Rev. Rebecca Haughty inChristChurch


Collective Worship – 2014/15 Christian Calendar


Harvest – Led by Rev Stephen Fisher and Prayers from Year 2


Christingle – Led by Year 3 and Rev Stephen Fisher inChristChurch


Christmas – Led by Year 4 and Rev Stephen Fisher inChristChurch


Lent – Collective worship led by Rev Stephen Fisher


Easter – Led by Year 5 and Rev Stephen Fisher inChristChurch



Visits 2014/15

Remembrance Day – Visit from the Royal Legion


During 2014/15 academic year we have enjoyed Rev Stephen Fisher visiting our classes within school and sharing thoughts about the Lord’s Prayer, Christmas and Easter.


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