Autumn 1

History: Vikings

Autumn 2

Geography: Countries in Europe

Spring 1

Science and STEM

Spring 2

Geography: local area study

Summer 1

Science and STEM

Summer 2

History: 1066


Our school is tolerant and caring....
It is a place where everyone is accepted....

“Learn not for school, but for life”

We are a supportive church school community where every individual is accepted, their interests encouraged, and where everyone is supported to learn to believe in themselves.

Through varied and creative learning experiences we want our children to be successful and resilient, now and in their future, both in this unique community and further afield.

Our Christian values of Friendship, Respect and Fairness run through all of our teaching and learning and help us to understand that we can all make a positive difference to our world.

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  • 2019 KS2 Results Percentage Pass Rate


  • Writing

  • Grammar

  • Maths


Safeguarding Staff

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Mr P Maudsley

Head Teacher
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Mrs Wilkinson-Black

Deputy Headteacher
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Mrs P Gartland

Child Protection Consultant monitors and reviews our child protection and safeguarding procedures and systems every term
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Mrs Sue Greer

Teaching Staff

Mr P Maudsley

Head Teacher

Mrs S Wilkinson-Black

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S Greer

Mrs C Ing

Mr J Nelson

Mrs C Harrison

Mrs R Gowland

Mrs S Clayton

Miss C Green

Mr A Pickard


Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Boyle

Mrs H Scrafton

Mrs E Wilson

Mrs L Thompson

Mrs R Nixon

Mrs E Hails

Mrs E Waller

Miss C Jones

Mrs K Loram

Miss A Dredge

Miss R Burt

Mr J Cozens

School Office

Mrs A Hughes

Office Manager

Mrs M Allen

Admin Assistant

Site Team

Mr D Rowcroft

Site Manager

Cleaning Staff

Miss C Griggs
Mrs J Barker
Miss J McCaig

Kitchen Team

Head Cook

C Stonehouse

Assistant Cooks

C Thompson
A Green
C Griggs


Chair of Governors

Mr L Banks

Vice-Chair of Governors

Mr G Wheatley

Safeguarding Governor

Mr G Wheatley

Foundation Governors

Mr L Banks
Mr D Stones
Revd R Haughty

School Information

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